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Joanne Taylor

Sacred  Whispers



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There are currently  two spaces available in my development circle held on Tues evenings.


A new fortnightly development circle for beginners will be starting soon please email for details and to be added to the waiting list


Due to increased demand readings are no longer available via email

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Quote of the day

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was born 2nd October 1869, his method of non violent civil disobedience which eventually led to the independence of India has inspired millions around the world. He is often called the father of India or the father of the nation. Gandhi was assassinated in 1948

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Joanne Taylor is a spiritual medium who lives and works in the north west of England, she has served many spiritualist churches in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. Joanne is also a Reiki healer and holds a diploma in crystal therapy. She runs regular development circles and workshops to help others reach their potential as psychic mediums and believes everyone has the ability to connect with the spirit world. Joanne  strongly believes in the power of healing and prayer.